These days summer vacations or the winter periods have become an important time in which a child can improve a lot and get ahead in many fields, as you all may be aware that nowadays summer camps don’t just comprise of the regular art camps or singing or dancing training,they have evolved like anything and now summer vacation is that time in a child’s life that he has to make use of it to get his talents on the line.

There was once an assumption that holidays are for the relaxation period of a child, but later on it became a time in which child could develop himself apart from mainstream learning, but now it has become one a period to develop himself to get further in the completion that has been set by the society.

If you are wondering that what might be the options where you can make your child’s summer more productive, here are a few of them

1.Science Utsav

First wave Learning centre New Gen summer camps in Bangalore-
The additive deviation from mainstream
Source: Science Utsav, Image for reference only

Practicality is the roots for the future is the main motto here. They have facilitated the learning process to go beyond what is usually taught at schools, creating a further and productive mind set for children. As the saying goes, shaped stone has better value, here the children are shaped in such a manner that creativity and mental stability is bought to them at a young age, which is quite impressive. They also stand by their word claiming, when things are done there is better learning. They have currently established in 22 cities and have a proud strength of 200k

2.Organic Farming

New Gen summer camps in Bangalore-
The additive deviation from mainstream
Children engaging in farming workshops. Source: The Better India.Com
(Image for reference only)

Farming is one of the aspects which has a prime position in our country, but sadly none are aiming for it and it’s also claimed as the underrated goldmine. Children are never made aware of farming at the young ages creating a lot of gap and sometimes hatred too. But luckily we now have the new culture of farming at summer camps, as being told farming can’t beheld at one summer it’s a long process sometimes but surely can be experienced. Working in an organic farm brings the brighter side of the farm culture based camps. Farming not only teaches the perspective of growth of plants to a child but also helps in realization of discipline, patience, thinking at pressure,hard work. As now many young minds are getting closer and closer to farming,without even caring the amid of dirty hands, legs or getting affected by the farming condition.

3.Eco Awareness Workshops

New Gen summer camps in Bangalore-
The additive deviation from mainstream
Children engaging in Eco awareness workshops. Source: The Better India.Com
(Image for reference only)

These days the prime motive and responsibility of each person is the duty towards nature, and to sow the importance of its care and responsibility into young minds is very necessary, hence comes in place the Eco workshops that has an important role in creating awareness through programs and fun activities which make learning easier and also fulfilling their need of the hour.

The related problems that threaten the environments care and problem can be addressed by fixing the problems related and creating more and more awareness to the future generation.

Cause the predicted disasters due to carelessness of mankind towards nature has great impact towards singularity ,hence it’s better to rise up hence creating a stand for mother nature , this is the prime motto that these workshops run on .

 4.Self Defense

First wave Learning centre New Gen summer camps in Bangalore-
The additive deviation from mainstream
Source : The Hindu(Image for reference only)

Your protection is a prior importance to you,and the sustenance of your safety is a major sector in it. Making your kids learn self-defiance techniques makes them more confident and feel independent at many cases, at most you’re relived about your kid’s safety to a certain level. It’s not just an opportunity to keep themselves safe it is a provision of a lot more learning opportunities.

As at many times you are in a fear that your kid might turn up aggressive or violent , surprisingly the self-defiance courses mainly focus upon avoiding a fight instead of engaging it and many forms are also based on the basic principles of maintaining peace making them very much safe to learn and advantageous.

Kids are mainly thought to handle violent situations in a very careful manner and to safe guard them at very crucial times, which mainly involves how to avoid the attacker.

Not to neglect the top advantages of self-defense learning which include kid’s activeness, enhanced working skills, boost in confidence, enhanced thinking capabilities. There are the lot of options in the field of self-defense like karate, judo, martial arts, boxing etc.

5.Tent Cinema– School of Cinema

First wave Learning centre New Gen summer camps in Bangalore-
The additive deviation from mainstream
Source : (Image for reference purpose only)

Kids have a heap of talents at the beginning, many times the recognition and a correct initiation of the talent is quite necessary, this enables the refining of the same talent in the future.

One such talents which needs prior recognition and initiation in the talents of cinema handling. Where tent cinema, led by Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar which has been recognized in providing kids the support and training in the field of cinematography and also been known as one of the best acting schools in Bangalore. The schools enrolls not only children but also adults too. It has provisions for training in script writing, film making, editing and cinematography.

Their belief that everyone comprises of an actor which has to be discovered and this institute helps them in doing so efficiently. Their methodologies of mime on regular instances, makes their students to cherish in an innovative and faster better way. The school also

has equal opportunity system as well as maintained of healthy competition among the students. The inter student interactions helps the students grasp the sections they are weaker in, providing more scope for improvement. Their prime belief that a character is bought into life by the struggle and hard work of and actor, makes them even better at this field line.


First wave Learning centre New Gen summer camps in Bangalore-
The additive deviation from mainstream
Source : NumberNagar, Image for reference only

We all know math and science are pretty hard,but not much is done to solute this problem while kids grow. But now there area lot of opportunities and ways in which a child can improve this, many institutes also support the newer and innovative ways to come out of this problem, where Number Nagar is one of them.

Its core idea is to make learning of math and science more fun and applicable. It incorporates its teaching methods to existing school curriculum and makes it through and independent center. Curiosity is at the peaks to know how this actually works , they act on the core of learning which is being told the 5C’s that is curiosity , connectivity, clarity , communication and competence.

Here they tend to believe that the basic foundation of learning is set by these 5C’s. Their name comes from a very innovative thought that is number plays a very important role in every child’s learning cycle, coming out as Number Nagar. It has been currently integrated into 50+ schools, 2000+ teachers are being trained here making a big move in slower steps by creating a noticeable mark at each one.


First wave Learning centre New Gen summer camps in Bangalore-
The additive deviation from mainstream
Source : Internet, Image for reference only

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to accomplishentrepreneurship, and it’s not an easy way either. A basic training or basicsthought at initial stages can create a great difference in the future. The mainrequirement to accomplish the training is the desire to achieve it. Manyinstitutes nowadays are running camps and programs to accommodate children tothe line of learning entrepreneurship. What mainly is thought here is the coreconcepts of entrepreneurship, business ideas the simple ones, and learning ineasy and fun ways, brainstorm ideas etc. there are also online courses thatprovide these training and camps these days, which are worth and work quiteefficiently and innovatively.


First wave Learning centre New Gen summer camps in Bangalore-
The additive deviation from mainstream
Source : Gyanpro, Image for reference only

Yet another establishment where in innovation is
made to meet the peak of mainstream learning. They make through fun ways of
learning by various ways such as experiments, lab projects, nature expeditions
and much more. They expertise in science, math and many more.

They work in ways that
creates realization in the normal routine of a child in a more conscious way.
Here young mind are made to explode with fun activities and innovation of
science and math. Their aim is to make application level learning weigh more
than mainstream learning. They have a lot of collaborations with schools and
colleges that run in hand with them creating fresh mind glow where they are.


First wave Learning centre New Gen summer camps in Bangalore-
The additive deviation from mainstream

We know every child admires one or more type of sports that suits the child . Play time is different from sport , some merge the fact that the kid’s playtime is him playing sports , no this is false proper training and support in a certain sport makes you child better in the sport and can possibly take it up as a career .

We all know every parents’ dream is to watch their child become mentally and physically strong , believe it or not sports are a ideal match for this . The enhancement of your child’s emotional state is surely through a sport of their own choice.

Surely sports keep a child healthy , but apart from this sports play a major role in increasing the decision making capacity of the child , and improves brain function . Surely playing a certain sport for a certain amount of time will let your child focus and learn better at school . In the next article we will share some of the events happening in and around Bangalore. 


First wave Learning centre New Gen summer camps in Bangalore-
The additive deviation from mainstream
Source : Internet, Image for reference Only

At young age all kids are gymnasts , jumping here and
there twisting and turning and lots , but not to ignore that gymnastics is a
very perspective based task and children surely admire this as a hobby which
could turn out to becoming a career

Gymnastics is smart organisation of various activities ,
which is a around package for keeping your ward healthy . This way your ward
can be both physically and mentally active in a fun way , that amuses them .

Sports limited on restrictions of age factor , but
gymnastics has no restriction as such . It brings up things for every child of
any age and size , it blends to keeping a child of any age occupied .

Gymnastics can be started with your child’s first steps ,
and not to forgot it doesn’t just keep your child healthy but increases the
child’s metal state too.

10.Foreign Language

First wave Learning centre New Gen summer camps in Bangalore-
The additive deviation from mainstream
Source : Internet, image for reference only

We living in this round universe of ours , the universal language is not enough and many times efficiency depends on the number of languages we speak . Making your kid expertise in languages that are not of his comfort always helps in one or the other way . Noticed part is this becomes a career based hobby which your child would love too!

Not to forget , knowledge of other languages may help them in the future , as in this fast competitive society it’s uniqueness of knowledge is highly noticed . Your kids also grow analytically through knowledge of many other languages . Your child’s communication skills grow and they would connect globally

From other languages they might get to know other cultures from other countries worldwide, making your kids a universal citizen.

Well this is not the end, we are coming soon with the extended article to bring more events near you. 

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Content Written by : Varun – First Wave Intern


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