YouTube is one of the best platforms for learning these days,very person with prior involvement can learn with lot of options available,and there is a chance of showcasing your skills too which becomes a win-win situation.

YouTube has supported people across the world by its immense cross functional platform that’s making knowledge and skills reach from everyone to everyone,in the same way YouTube have made students life easier by the provision of knowledge without academic restrictions . There are lot of things that you can learn through YouTube other than academics, but influence of academics in YouTube has created wide platforms for children and students with need for learning .

Let’s get into the top 12 YouTube Channels that help school students.

In the 21st century videos play a vital role. Videos continue to gain popularity. Videos have an influence on our everyday tasks, which is unquestionable.

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Spending hours to memorise and learn concepts, formulas and books can be a very hard work to do and we get distracted and search funny videos on YouTube to have a stress break. But did you know that you can use it for your studies too?

With 10’s of category available, including a category of education, has helped students in many ways. Students make use of educational videos as a tool for learning.

Studies say that use of video clips allows more efficient processing and memory recall.

Recognizing the impact of educational videos, YouTube is gathering their educational content. These videos are one of the most viewed categories on YouTube. Now there are more than 100s of YouTube channels in this category alone. With these interactive and dynamic channels will make your learning better.

YouTube is platform where it host sits own stable of educational channels with hundreds of videos.

1.Arvind Gupta

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Image Source : YouTube, for reference only

We all know that schools can’t application level learning beyond its limits , to make students get application level understanding this YouTube channel where Arvind Gupta performs experiments and fun to learn concepts for children ,which aims towards clear understanding by children .

He’s not just inspiring students of India but is famous abroad too . He aims towards conceptual learning and is very innovative in subjects like mathematics and science . He always provides his best wishes for the success of his students who have been helped through his videos

He’sbeen subscribed by 71.47 thousand people and has provided 5350 videos till now.


First Wave Learning Centre_Blog post_top 5 youtube channel for students_unacademy
Source : YouTube, Image Reference Only

Reaching out great paths in making many students with a dream of civil service and IAS come true , it is also one of the good platforms for students to overcome fear, get more confident with academic studies . As the name suggests it has a good approach to students , making it different from normal academic approach.

The channel run by lovely duo Gaurav Munjal and Roman Saini . The channel provides study materials , fundamental video lessons and high level learning platforms.

This channel has been successfully making UPSC and IAS aspiring students achieve their dream in flying colors .

Their channel has been subscribed by 49 thousand people and provides 323 videos till now


First Wave Learning Centre_Blog post_top 5 youtube channel for students_meritnation
Source : Youtube, Image Reference only

The largest online education portal , with a prime Motto “School Made Easy”. They claim towards reaching students of high school with best teaching methods, making students learn under quality teachers who provide education in different innovative methods.

This was started by Pavan Chauhan with a vision of better understanding concepts to students at different places . The channel even provides app support where child’s activity is recorded and periodic reports are provided to parents .

This channel is subscribed by 7.42 thousand people and has provided 207 videos till now .

4. Khan Academy

First Wave Learning Centre_Blog post_top 5 youtube channel for students_Khan academy
Source: Youtube, Image reference only

One of the most popular YouTube channel for education. It is a fantastic study tool. It is a free educational resource with tutorials on all sorts of subjects. They have expanded from just math to science, history and so much more. They provide tutorials of respective topics from class kindergarten to 12th and higher. The topics are taught by different teachers who are highly qualified from all over the world.

Currently followed by 4M people

5.Exam Fear Education

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Source : Youtube, Image Reference Only

It provides tutorials on major subjects such as mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and social science.It is strictly based on NCERT books from class 6th to 12th.It covers topics according to the text books of respective class. It taught by many qualified teachers from all over India. Exam Fear also provides crash courses for the upcoming exams. It is a free and non-profitable channel providing content for students.

Now running on 700k followers ,leading towards making a million

6.Physics Wallah

First Wave Learning Centre_Blog post_top 5 youtube channel for students_physics wallah
Source : YouTube, Image reference only

A channel where tutorials are posted on subjects such as chemistry and physics for 11th and 12thgrades. This channel covers both CBSE and ICSE topics. Physics Wallah is handled by Alakh Pandey alone. It not only provides tutorials, this channel also provides motivational videos which helps students to concentrate with greater attention . This channel is a free and a reputed channel providing tutorials for students in need and spreading the message  “Education is free and for everyone”

With a hit of 1 million subscribers recently , it has been creating opportunities on opportunity

7. 7 Active Studio

First Wave Learning Centre_Blog post_top 5 youtube channel for students_7 Active Studio
Source : YouTube, Image Reference Only

We all believe that imagination is mother of learning , but sometimes conceptual imagination is difficult and different to students . At such times this channel comes in hand , here computerized visuals and deep learning mechanisms create faster opportunities of learning .

Features such as 2D learning , 3D learning and interactive videos enable faster understanding for children , making efficient learning possible .
Smart classes and interactive workshop makes children understand through interaction and prime imagination .
It’s been subscribed by 4 thousand students and has created 99 interactive videos till now .

8.Tutor Vista

First Wave Learning Centre_Blog post_top 5 youtube channel for students_Tutor Vista
Source : YouTube, Image reference Only

Have you ever wondered about engaging a tutor for your child’s studies , whose teaching matches with the learning phase of your child and teaching teaching that suits your ward .

Then subscribe and follow tutor Vista for academic support for your child . It’s also solves major problems of kids these days , helping in homework and making them understand in the process , they provide 24/7 services that make for child’s homework finish in a snap.

They expertise in concepts of physics , chemistry , biology and mathematics. They also provide life science knowledge to upgrade your child’s academics in every possible way .
They are subscribed by 37.4 thousand people and have provided 951 videos till now .

9.Crash Course

First Wave Learning Centre_Blog post_top 5 youtube channel for students_crash course
Source : YouTube, Image Reference Only

Carsh course is a minimalistic channel , with quick lessons and learning outlooks , with average of 10 to 12 minute videos majorly concentrating on core of subjects like economics , physics , politics , literature , biology and more . With trained teaching staff mostly famous for their children interaction resources , such as Nicole for sociology , Carrie for computer science and many other teaching and non teaching contribute towards a better interactive contexts for students in every part . If you’re behind in concentrating at school , or behind due to any reason as such , you could spend a bit of your recreation time here to get along with your studies and get on track asap !!!

They are currently being followed by 9.1 million people which was a nearly started at 2006


First Wave Learning Centre_Blog post_top 5 youtube channel for students_vedantu
Source : Youtube, Image Reference Onl

This channel provides a free tutorials for classes 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. They provide tutorials for NEET and JEE. They also have paid course where you can buy them in which they provide all lesson based video and provide sample papers for practice and previous year’s papers, also with an online test, which is a budget friendly course. They also provide scholarships who have scored high grades in their online test. Vedantu also provides crash courses for the upcoming related exams. It is taught by qualified teachers all over India.

11.ASAP Science

First Wave Learning Centre_Blog post_top 5 youtube channel for students_asap science
Source : Youtube, Image Reference Only

Packets of fun science facts and information is provided here by people philosophers and artists around the world . I’m sure everyone coming through this channel would wonder how come science could be soo interesting and fun . It sure presents science in a more fun way , so that the level of understanding would be higher and makes science learning major basic. It also provides sorted playlists for helath and awareness , which creates more advantageous content for budding students . Wonders of science and doubts are cleared in a more innovative way, and your blooming kidos can surely get englighted here with care free content .
They are currently followed by 8 million people , which started in 2012.

12.The Brain Scoop

First Wave Learning Centre_Blog post_top 5 youtube channel for students_The brain Scoop.
Source : YouTube, Image Reference Only

The YouTube sensation Emily Graslie provides a wide content of various science based topics. Mostly the topics are on basis of natural resources and environmental sciences, with interesting fun to do with the videos , surely these content with learning has the factors influencing interest of viewers . The channel takes precautions for keeping all its contents favorable and view able to children, making a child friendly channel.

Emily uses different and innovative approach towards teaching making understanding the content better , she also provides application level learning giving the true sight of their content . You would surely get into the true green world and get a major interest towards it. They are currently followed by 499 thousand people.



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